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Preparing your ATV or UTV for trail season

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

ATV & UTV Riding Season is Here!

If you're looking to hit the trails of Ontario this riding season, you'll want to first make sure your ATV or UTV is up to the challenge. Here are some of the basics you should review before you head out.

Before you start the machine:

After you take your machine out of storage and before you start the engine, you will want to inspect all the filters, wires and fluids. Often times critters can find their way into your machine over the colder months and build nests, chew wires and puncture holes in tubes. Make sure you've removed your filters, cleaned off any debris and these components are still in good functionable condition. Check all of your fluid levels and inspect your machine for leaks.

Change your oil:

You should change your oil before heading out for your ride. Sunny Hill Supply has a number of convenient oil change kits available online for in-store pick-up or delivered to your door. There's also a number of products available that will help keep your machine running and looking its best.

Battery & Power:

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If you haven't kept your machine plugged into a battery maintainer, it will most likely be dead. You will want to make sure your battery is still in good shape so you don't end up stranded on your ride! If you need to charge the battery, we have chargers and maintainers in shop or online. If you need to replace the battery, we're happy to help with that too!

Check your tires:

You will want to make sure your tires are up for the ride! Check the air pressure and ensure quality rubber with no bulges and cracking. We offer a full line of tubes and tires on our site. You may also want to consider keeping a tire repair kit and air compressor handy when you're out for your ride!

Spark Plugs and Components:

You will want to make sure that your belts, plugs and chains are all in good working order. If in doubt you should replace them! You will want to make sure the chain slack is in line with the owner manual specifications, belts are checked for wear and tear and cables for weakness or fraying. Spark plugs and wires should be checked that they are still clean, clear of debris and in good condition.


Ensure your brakes aren't grinding, squishy skipping or simply not responsive. If you identify any of these issues your brake system may need cleaning, servicing or replacement. If you can't find what you're looking for in our online store, feel free to contact us as we have many suppliers we can check with.

Permits & Safety:

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Make sure your permits are up-to-date, check local bylaws and carry your ownership and insurance at all times. Ontario's bylaws for ATV & UTV road and trail riding differ across the province. Ensure you check with the local municipal bylaws before you head out! Always follow the riders safety guidelines of your machine and wear the right gear! If you're looking for boots, helmets, goggles or anything riding, be sure to checkout our large selection of top brands.

Sunny Hill Power is here for you!

Do you want to get your machine ready to go, but would rather have a licensed mechanic stand behind the work? You can book your machine in now for a full review. You won't regret great ATV service from Sunny Hill Power as you ride this season with confidence! For more peace of mind, our technicians are fully setup and trained on BUDS2 software for deeper troubleshooting and problem solving on your machines!


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